Host an In Search of Safety session

Effort: Medium | Time: < 3 hours

Host an In Search of Safety session

Who are asylum seekers and refugees? Why do they come to Australia? What is life like for them once they make it to Australia? There are many questions and misunderstandings about people seeking safety. That’s why Red Cross offers schools, community groups and workplaces a chance to discuss the issues they hear about on the news in a neutral and impartial space.

Steps to take action

  1. Book your free In Search of Safety session through our Red Cross website. The session will combine facts, thought-provoking presentations and enlightening stories from people with first-hand experience of seeking safety.
  2. Invite your friends or colleagues to attend the session by telling them about it or advertising it in a newsletter or Facebook group.
  3. You might want to have an afternoon tea or hot drinks to promote conversations and encourage people to attend.
  4. Use our learning resources to find videos, podcasts and classroom activities and challenges.

Helpful resources

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