Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity underpins Australian Red Cross’ purpose to bring people and communities together in times of need and build on community strengths.

An organisation which reflects the Australian community will better understand its communities, deliver improved services by drawing on a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, and be more inclusive for all.

Red Cross seeks to embrace the diversity of its members, volunteers and employees. It is working to ensure equity of its systems, policies and practices. It seeks to continue to build an inclusive and welcoming culture where all people and communities are respected, can be culturally confident, and have a strong sense of belonging.

What is Inclusion & Diversity?

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging is referred to at Red Cross as Inclusion & Diversity (I&D). I&D consists of four areas, and when Diversity, Equity and Inclusion intersect, they create the fourth area of Belonging.

A Venn diagram of three circles labelled equity, diversity and inclusion. At the centre, where all three overlap, is belonging.

Diversity is the mix of people and all the ways in which each person is unique (e.g. age, education, gender).

Equity is creating barrier-free systems, structures and cultural conditions so everyone can thrive.

Inclusion is getting the mix to work together. Active inclusion is valuing diversity of thought, experience and skill.

Belonging is the feeling of connection to place, home and country; being accepted for who you are and the unique qualities you possess.

Our recent work

Red Cross began the first stage of a broad ranging inclusion and diversity change program in late 2021. The purpose was to improve and become a more inclusive organisation for employees, members, volunteers and the communities it serves.

A deep listening exercise was undertaken to understand who its people are and how they experience (or previously experienced) Red Cross structures, systems and culture.

All Red Cross employees, members and volunteers were invited to participate, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and culturally and linguistically diverse people an initial priority. The findings will inform an Inclusion & Diversity Strategy and Plan.

Diversity of our leaders

Increasing the diversity of Red Cross Board and Executive Team’s in recent years has been intentional and continues to be a focus. The table below outlines the Board and Executive Team’s current representation across a range of diversity categories.


13 members

11 members







First Nations people



Born outside of Australia



Fluent in language other than English




27–75 (57 av.)

37–66 (52 av.)

1 Current at 31 March 2023. 2 Current at 20 April 2023.

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