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A timeline of Australian Red Cross

1914 Australian Branch of the British Red Cross Society formed on outbreak of First World War
1915 Formation of Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureaux and national scheme for Voluntary Aid Detachments
1918 Junior Red Cross formally established in Australia built on earlier efforts in NSW
1920 Foundation President Lady Helen Munro Ferguson leaves Australia
1927 Australia recognized as a national society in its own right by International Committee of the Red Cross
1929 Beginning of Blood Transfusion Service in Victoria
1939 Outbreak of Second World War. Australian Red Cross mobilises
1941 Australian Red Cross Society incorporated by Royal Charter
1941 Social Welfare Services expands to meet wartime needs. The focus is on rehabilitation for ex-servicemen, women and their families
1942 Prisoners of war become Australian Red Cross' number one priority
1944 Australian Red Cross membership reaches around 450,000
1950 Australian Red Cross Field Force in Japan with BCOF and assisting with Korean War
1955 Worst floods on record devastate NSW. Red Cross responds
1955 Commonwealth government joins states and assists with funding for Red Cross Blood Transfusion Services
1958 Australian government ratifies four Geneva Conventions
1964 Australian Red Cross celebrates 50 years
1974 Cyclone Tracy destroys Darwin, NT. Australian Red Cross is there
1989 National Youth Camp held to refocus on youth
1989 75th anniversary of Australian Red Cross
1983 Ash Wednesday Bushfires in Victoria and South Australia
1989 Australian Red Cross formulates national policy on AIDS
1991 Australian government ratifies 1977 Additional Protocols
1991 Appointment of International Humanitarian Law Divisional Officers
1993 Australian Red Cross begins working with Federal government on Asylum Seeker Assistance scheme
1996 Formation of Australian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service
2002 Bali bombing. Australian Red Cross Bali Appeal launched
2004 Tsunamis and earthquakes devastate Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Australian Red Cross in action
2007 Endorsement of statement "The Power of Humanity"
2007 Expansion of programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
2009 Black Saturday bushfires. Red Cross involved with Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund that raised more than $379 million.
2010 Revised Royal Charter and Rules approved by Governor-General
2010 Haiti earthquake. Australian Red Cross ran an appeal and assisted international movement
2011 Queensland floods. Red Cross on the ground from 27 December 2010
2011 Australian Red Cross' Target Nuclear Weapons campaign; resolution adopted by governing body of IRCRC movement
2013 Australian Red Cross hosts 19th General Assembly of International Federation and Council of Delegates of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, Sydney
2014 Australian Red Cross turns 100.