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Here’s to our volunteers! National Volunteer Week

This week we’re celebrating all the people who take action to make Australia a better place.

Many Australians volunteer their time and effort to support Red Cross and their local communities. It doesn’t go unnoticed, because we know it changes a lot.

It significantly changes lives, it changes hearts and it changes minds.

We recognise an action as simple as sharing a post on Facebook supporting newly arrived migrants, might take little effort, but when combined with thousands of other people doing the same, these actions change a lot.

Some actions involve more time or effort, like spending one day a fortnight for over a decade, to drive people around to medical appointments or social outings, or even mobilising neighbours to take local action to support community members in need. These actions, also, change a lot.

We celebrate the many and diverse ways people choose to take action, to help others, and change a lot.

Whatever action you take, we thank you.


Where’s the good?

Our volunteers have great stories to tell – and we’ve recorded a few of them for our podcast series Where’s the good? Need a pick-me-up? Have a listen to these feel good stories about people, like you, who bring more good to the world.