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Leave it to Z

The Leave it to Z program elevates the needs and voices of young people in preparation and recovery from emergencies.

Conversation's report
This Conversations Report has been written to share what we have learnt during the Leave it to Z project so far.  In this report we share our key learnings, as well as the approach and process we undertook to gain a better understanding on how to build the emergency resilience of young South Australians. We hope that this report will be helpful for anyone wanting to engage young people in emergency resilience, or wanting to have effective learning conversations with young people.

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Case Study 
Throughout our work with young people in the Leave it to Z project and the Community Led Resilience project we supported a group of primary school students to engage in community level emergency preparedness activities. 

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This program is available is South Australia.

Red Cross is committed to assisting all Australians to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

Emergencies and natural disasters occur all over the world and impact everyone, young and old alike, but traditionally young people have not been part of the decision-making in emergency planning.

Young people have a wide range of strengths and experiences that are not currently being utilised in State disaster resilience and recovery planning. At the same time, young people are particularly at risk to emergencies and benefit from support to develop their ability to cope with them.

That’s why we have launched Leave it to Z

A co-design project that explores the ideas of young people between ages 10 – 25 (Generation Z) on what’s important to them in preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies.

We want to hear how young people see their role in a planning for emergencies. We want to understand what their specific needs are, thereby empowering them to make decisions and plan for an emergency – whether it happens in their home, school or wider community.

We also want to build the emergency management sector’s engagement with young people so they are better able to understand the perspectives and needs of young people through the preparedness and recovery journey.

How does Leave it to Z work?

Leave it to Z is a series of interactive workshops involving interviews, creative activities, group workshops and games. The aim of this is to involve our Generation Z’s in designing innovative solutions to emergency preparedness and recovery planning.

From these workshops Australian Red Cross will then write a public report about what young people say matters to them when planning for emergencies. We will also share real stories about what young people think is important when emergencies happen with the State emergency management sector and develop pathways for young people to be involved.

I want to be involved with Leave it to Z

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This project was funded under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program by the South Australian State Government and the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs. Views and findings associated with this project are expressed independently and do not necessarily represent the views of State and Commonwealth funding bodies.

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