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News and stories

You’ll find here a variety of filmed stories, article write ups, panel discussions and TED Talks.

Many of these reveal challenges and despair, but underneath, there is shared resilience, hope and strength.  Refugees are survivors, and with a warm welcome and the right support in their new homes, they can be thrivers.


Traveller Stories (IFRC

In 2015 over one million people made difficult and dangerous journeys to Europe, fleeing violence and persecution at home. IFRC has captured some of these stories: those who left, those who remained, and those who did not make it.


How can we work together to better support vulnerable migrants?

A panel discussion hosted by comedian Sami Shah and featuring former refugee and community leader Francis Deng, Red Cross National Manager Migration Support Programs Vicki Mau, educator Mairead Hannan and Lizzy Kuoth, a leader in the multicultural sector and advisor on the refugee experience.


Jess talks about barriers that refugees face in Australia

Jessica Shonk a social worker and former team leader of our Refugee and Asylum Seeker Emergency Relief program talks about her work.


Nimal talks about refugees beginning life again

When Nimal came to Australia to study for his PhD he started volunteering for Red Cross by offering support to Tamil refugees and asylum seekers from Sri Lanka.

Syrians in their own words (ICRC)

What they want you to know after ten years of life in crisis. 14,000 Syrians between 18 and 25 share how their lives have been impacted by the loss of loved ones, loss of opportunities and control over their future, and a lost youth. See the results and hear from five people who share their stories of immense economic hardship and worry, frustrated ambitions, missed milestones, and the psychological toll.

A boat carrying 500 refugees sunk at sea. The story of two survivors - Melissa Fleming, TEDxThessaloniki

Aboard an overloaded ship carrying more than 500 refugees, a young woman becomes an unlikely hero. This single, powerful story, told by Melissa Fleming of the UN's refugee agency, gives a human face to the sheer numbers of human beings trying to escape to better lives.


Don't feel sorry for refugees — believe in them - Luma Mufleh, TED2017

Luma Mufleh, a Jordanian immigrant and Muslim of Syrian descent who founded the first accredited school for refugees in the United States. Mufleh shares stories of hope and resilience, explaining how she's helping young people from war-torn countries navigate the difficult process of building new homes.


The refugee crisis is a test of our character - David Miliband, TED2017

It's not just a crisis; it's a test of who we are and what we stand for, says David Miliband -- and each of us has a personal responsibility to help solve it. Miliband, the president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, gives us specific, tangible ways to help refugees and turn empathy and altruism into action.