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Volunteer in Emergency Services

Help people before, during and after disasters.

Our Emergency Service volunteers are best known for helping people during a disaster - they might greet people at evacuation centres, or go door to door in communities following a flood or fire to check how people are coping, or register people on our registration service that helps people find their family and friends.

But Emergency Services is more than just responding to a disaster. Our volunteers are also essential in helping communities prepare for emergencies, by sharing information about our four-step RediPlan. They also help communities recover long after a disaster has past, helping run community projects and supporting people with their healing process.

Volunteer in retail, customer service or administration

Help us to connect better

Knitting for charity: Trauma Teddies

Interested in knitting for charity? Volunteer to knit a Trauma Teddy, given to children and adults during traumatic times.

Volunteer to help others

Our volunteers help people in our communities feel included and take part.