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Make a difference: 5 things you can do to take action for good

Together we can dramatically boost the power of good. Everyday acts of kindness make our world a better place. Here are five things you can do today.

#1 In your street

Get to know your neighbours

A friendly 'hello' is all it takes to strike up a conversation with a neighbour. Looking out for each other makes your community safer, and if you ever face an emergency like a fire or flood, having supportive neighbours helps you all cope and recover quicker.

This section of our disaster preparedness plan, RediPlan, has more tips. (And make sure you take a look at the other steps too!)

#2 In your community

Call or visit someone who is lonely

It's one thing to connect online but nothing beats a face to face conversation. Loneliness is a growing problem in our communities. Why not check in on someone who needs company? It could make a world of difference.

Read how Carla and Marlene beat loneliness »

#3 In your city

Volunteer with us

Red Cross has loads of opportunities. From helping out in shops to supporting people who are homeless, seeking asylum, elderly and more. Gain new skills, share your existing ones and meet new friends.



#4 Nationally

Give blood

Your blood donation could save three lives and it only takes an hour.

Give blood


#5 Globally

Join us

Join the world's largest humanitarian movement.

You'll help reduce suffering and give a hand to some of our most vulnerable people - from those fleeing disasters and war to those who don't have access to clean water or are living in poverty.



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