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Bushfire recovery webinars

Red Cross is currently managing a bushfire recovery program in areas affected by the 2019-20 Black Summer fires. Watch sessions with experts and connect with our team.

Memorials and Anniversaries: Supporting your community

How communities mark anniversaries for significant events and practical considerations for how agencies can support these events. Wednesday 30 September 2020 2:00pm – 4:00pm (AEST)

Watch past events

Dr Rob Gordon on bushfire recovery during COVID-19

Psychologist Natalie Fraser on supporting children and young people through tough times

Get in touch with Red Cross recovery staff

Red Cross has recovery officers located across Australia, supporting communities as they recover from the bushfires of the spring and summer of 2019/20. You can connect with our recovery team by contacting

Recovery stories

When life throws another curveball

Marianne was four when she learned to swim. Every weekend her grandmother took her and her brothers to the Mitchell River in East Gippsland.

New growth on blackened land

A vegetable garden re-grows hope for a family after fire tears through their home and dreams.

Each work tells a story

Household items salvaged from the ashes are being turned into artworks that tell a story of recovery.

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Coping after a crisis

Emergencies and crises by their very nature are disruptive and can be stressful.


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