When extreme becomes the new norm, we know where to start


Our climate is changing. Disasters are becoming more frequent and intense. That’s why it’s so important we are ready. Because it is our job to be there for those hardest hit, so no one has to face a disaster alone.

Every day Red Cross supports people affected by disasters and emergencies. Right now, our Recovery Officers are at work in bushfire and flood-impacted communities across the country. And our Emergency Services teams are recruiting and training for future disasters. With another wet summer season forecast for the East Coast of Australia, we are preparing once again to support the communities that will be impacted.

Our teams and volunteers help tens of thousands of people each year through some of the worst days of their lives. Your support makes this possible.

  • $1,300 – can equip 10 team leaders with an activation kit, so they are ready to set up an evacuation centre
  • $2,500 - can get a Red Cross disaster response and outreach team equipped and on the road
  • $5,405 - could cover the cost of one day’s emergency response operations*during a disaster
  • $10,000 – can help children prepare for a disaster through our Pillowcase program run is primary schools
  • $25,000 – can help run an evacuation centre providing a safe place for people who have nowhere else to go during a flood, fire or cyclone
  • $50,000 – can help prepare a community for a disaster through our unique Community Disaster Resilience program
  • $100,000 – can help our run our Telecross REDi service that assists vulnerable and isolated people cope with extreme weather events
  • $250,000 – can help fund the national reunification service helping reconnect families separated during a disaster
*based on the total cost of emergency operations for Northern Rivers 2022 (not-inclusive of ongoing recovery programs).
Photo: Australian Red Cross/Aysha Leo 

When Polly went to bed on a Sunday, she couldn’t have known less than 24 hours later she would be sobbing in a stranger’s arms.

But as she awoke in the dark, she knew it was time to move. From her kitchen, she could see her backyard starting to flood.

She quickly packed her dog Pea, and a few valuables and got in her car to go. But behind her, the Lismore levee broke and pushed the car forward and amongst the floodwaters. There was nothing to do but cling on for her life. She waited for hours in the freezing water, being battered by floating debris, before she was rescued by an SES crew and taken to an evacuation centre where she collapsed emotionally into the arms of a Red Cross volunteer.

“There was a lady that gave me clothes when I jumped out of the shower...and she said to me ‘You'll be alright now’. And I just broke down in tears. I said ‘I lost my dog. I feel like it was my fault that I put her in the car’. I just howled and she just grabbed me and gave me the biggest cuddle, which is what I needed.”

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