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When big weather strikes, being prepared can make a difference.

The ABC’s Big Weather (and how to survive) shows how bushfires, heatwaves, floods, cyclones and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more intense.

You can empower your community networks to prepare for and recover from severe weather events. This page has information and links to download tools which will help, including the Ready Together Toolkit.

Big Weather (and how to survive it) shows us the power of community connections in helping each other in an emergency, and in the long recovery journey afterwards. Get connected with your community!

Watch this 10 minute challenge from the series and try it yourself

What is #ReadyTogether?

#ReadyTogether is about getting to know your neighbours and getting ready for disaster season. Here are just a few ideas for inspiration.

A conversation is where an action begins.

  • Organise a street party or hold a communal clean-up
  • Develop group activities – recycling, composting, gardening
  • Take the Emergency Evacuation Challenge to see what essentials you can pack in 10 minutes  

Connected communities are safer communities.

  • Join or start up an online community through a social media channel
  • Send cards to get to know your neighbours
  • Create a survival kit checklist online with friends or connections

Be connected while staying physically distant.

  • Arrange a night to watch Big Weather with friends
  • Join your school’s green team or environment group
  • Take up debating and learn how to argue for action

There are lots more ideas inside the Ready Together Toolkit.

Tools to help you get through the next disaster season

Download the Big Weather Toolkit

Get all your disaster preparedness tools

For essential up-to-date information during an emergency

Contribute to our Disaster Response and Recovery work



We’re delighted to be able to partner with ABC to support Big Weather and join with communities around Australia to get ready together