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Make this the Season of Belonging

Help fight loneliness and isolation

At this time of year, Australians embrace a wonderful spirit of generosity. So let's harness that and start doing small things to help make everyone feel like they belong.

Helping someone belong is as simple as being kind on social media, or checking in on neighbours or friends you haven't heard from in a while.

Here are three more ways you can make this the Season of Belonging with Red Cross:


Donate to help Red Cross support people overcoming loneliness, isolation or an emergency.


Start a wave of kindness around your community by downloading and delivering our anonymous kindness cards.


Give a Christmas gift that brings real good to the world.

From inner-city Brisbane, to country NSW, to the remote hillside villages of Timor-Leste. With your support, Red Cross is helping to make this truly the Season of Belonging for everyone.

Mikaela’s story

Mikaela admits she first came to the Red Cross Night Café for the good food and free Wi-Fi, but discovered something more: safety, comfort, friendship. After experiencing years of isolation and homelessness, Mikaela now has stable accommodation and a full-time day job, as well as a casual job back at the Night Café, helping other young people find their feet.

Paula’s story

When Paula met Jen and the Red Cross team, she overcame years of dark and difficult times. She found confidence, opportunity and a brighter future when we helped her get her driver’s licence, and now Paula’s able to get to work without walking two hours, travel to see her family and be a more involved member of her community.

Felis' story

For 44 years, Felis spent 5 hours every day collecting water. But when Red Cross came to install a gravity-fed water system, Felis’ life changed forever. Felis helped construct the water system along with others in her village. It took three years to complete and it was hard work, but now they have clean, running water right at their doorstop.

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