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Current opportunities for international work

As a Red Cross aid worker you’ll join our delegate roster to form part of a global stand-by workforce ready to be deployed whenever emergency situations arise.

Our delegate roster includes a pool of specialist, pre-trained professionals who can be sent overseas at any time to support the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in its operations.

These operations cover missions in the immediate aftermath of disasters and crises; or ongoing operations in post crisis environments to support recovery and rehabilitation; or working alongside partner National Societies on long term developmental projects.

People on our roster will require specialist skills in areas of need, which can include: clinical and public health professionals, engineers, architects, environmental health professionals, operations managers, and media & communications generalists.

Australian Red Cross accepts applications for international aid workers to join our delegate roster during our annual recruitment round. Our annual recruitment round for 2019 has been finalised.

Some developmental roles are advertised throughout the year as they become available so continue to check this page.

To learn more about what it means to be a delegate, the application process and being employed within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement visit our international recruitment page.

Current ICRC opportunities

Current vacancies

To view all Australian Red Cross vacancies, both Australian-based and overseas, please visit our current vacancies page

Are you ready to be a delegate?

Delegates work alongside our National Society partners and must respect and adapt to different cultures and work styles. You could face highly challenging environments, including disaster and conflict zones, where you must be able to operate and thrive.

Build your skills

Our international training courses can help you build the skills and knowledge that underpin a successful career in aid work.