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Understanding and Responding to Labour Exploitation in Migrant Communities

This course has been developed by Australian Red Cross to improve awareness of labour exploitation and strengthen community and frontline workers supporting migrant communities to identify and respond to it.

Through interactive activities and videos, you will learn how to recognise indicators of poor work conditions and modern slavery practices, and take key steps to respond to concerns and disclosures.

What this course covers:

  1. Understand labour exploitation as a continuum
  2. Recognise risks and indicators of labour exploitation
  3. Understand key steps in responding to concerns or disclosures of modern slavery
  4. Know how to make referrals to key organisations and agencies

Who this course is for:

Community and frontline workers who are looking to build their knowledge and skills in responding to labour exploitation in their workplace and community. This includes people working in:

  • Migrant and refugee settlement
  • Health, including mental health and disability
  • Family and Domestic Violence
  • Education settings
  • Employment support

Training packages

Labour Exploitation in Migrant Communities

The purpose of the Training Package is to equip frontline staff and volunteers working with migrants and refugees to identify labour exploitation and respond to concerns and disclosures. It is designed for workers performing a variety of frontline roles, including casework, community development, clinical care and bilingual support.

Key components

The Training Packages consists of the following components:

Training Module

The Module is an interactive short training focusing on labour exploitation in migrant communities. It can be utilised by organisations to train and upskill workers in the area of labour exploitation. The Module consists of two parts. The Module is designed to be presented via PowerPoint slides and can be delivered face-to-face or online.

file_download Part 1 Labour Exploitation in Migrant Communities Training Module

file_download Part 2 Labour Exploitation in Migrant Communities Training Module

The cover of the Delivery Guide

Delivery Guide

The Delivery Guide offers instructions and guidance notes to support organisations in delivering the Training Module. It includes speaking notes for the trainers, as well as suggestions and tips to facilitate activities face-to-face or online.

file_download Download the 2 Hour Training Module Delivery Guide


The Toolkit consists of additional resources to assist frontline workers in assessment, response and referrals processes. These resources include information on identifying and responding to modern slavery, including key agencies and referral pathways available for people at risk of exploitation. As well as a range of resources for people from a migrant and/or refugee background.

See page 57 of Delivery Guide for an index, including information and links to the Toolkit’s resources.

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