Support in Australia

While most appeal funds have gone overseas, Australian Red Cross is also responding back home through a number of our Migration Support Programs.

One unique lifeline is our Connected Women program, which also runs in New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Olena, who fled the conflict in Ukraine, now enjoys activities including cooking together with other migrant women in Darwin. Photo: Amelia Wong/Australian Red Cross.

Olena, who was forced to flee a good life when shelling began in her home city of Zaporizhzhia, says she’s been helped to re-establish herself in a new home in Darwin, Australia, with the help of the local Connected Women program.

Her daughter Yuliia, who lives in Darwin says that when Olena left behind her life and everything she knew she lost her identity, self-confidence, and independence.

“She lost the rhythm of her life,” says Yuliia. “That’s how we found Red Cross. They’ve given mum friendship, support and understanding. They’ve helped her find herself again as she starts over.” Olena enjoys taking part in the local Connected Women group, which supports over 500 migrant women from 45 countries in Darwin. It’s a warm, welcoming space for women to learn new skills, practice English, connect with new friends and build networks, often leading to training and employment.


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