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Responding to the Ukraine crisis

9-month Impact Report 
Ukrainian Red Cross Society has been supporting people with food kits and information since the start of the conflict. Photo: Ukrainian Red Cross Society.
Nine months from the escalation of the international armed conflict in Ukraine, the situation is more dire than ever.

We take the opportunity on this milestone to report back to donors and supporters on our humanitarian response.

It has been a large and complex response bringing together many elements within our own organisation and across the global Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (the Movement) to help the millions of people impacted.

We are very grateful for your support and urge you to stay the course. The world cannot afford to lose interest. As winter bites in the north, the humanitarian crisis caused by this conflict is set to only deepen. It will have a direct impact on those caught up by the conflict, and an indirect impact on many millions more reliant on grain from this part of the world. We echo calls from those people impacted for continued support from good people such as yourself. Together we can most effectively respond to those in need.

Alex Mathieson
Director, International Programs and Movement Relations
Australian Red Cross

24 November 2022

Your help is still needed

Donate today to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal and you can help provide emergency relief and longer-term humanitarian support to people and communities affected by this unfolding crisis.

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Right now, 345 million people around the world are facing acute food insecurity.

Donations to the Global Hunger Crisis Appeal will help provide emergency assistance for people around the globe who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity.


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