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Red Cross Shops

Red Cross Shops sell donated clothing, accessories and home wares to raise funds for Red Cross' humanitarian activities.

Each year, we rescue 450 tonnes of clothing from landfill, give opportunities to 4500 volunteers, and generate funds to help Red Cross support vulnerable people in Australia and around the world. To continue to do this, we need donated items to sell.

The proceeds from the sale of items support the vital everyday work of Red Cross, providing relief in times of crisis and care where it's needed most.

How do my donations help?
All proceeds from the sale of donated goods help support Red Cross Humanitarian activities. When you donate, you are helping us provide:

  • emergency services during disaster
  • clean water for communities throughout the region
  • support programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
  • a healthy breakfast for thousands of Aussie kids every day
  • daily telephone calls to isolated elderly Australians to check they are ok.

Thank you for supporting Red Cross and helping us make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people.

Find the location of your nearest Red Cross Shop, or learn about volunteering opportunities with Red Cross Shops.


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Volunteers Needed

We want you on our team. Find out more about volunteering in Red Cross Shops.

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Fashion Trade

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