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This website has information to help you find support if you or someone you know is exploited at work in Australia.


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Are you exploited at work?

Find services that can help you.




If you are in immediate danger, call Triple Zero (000).



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Do you know someone exploited at work?

Find services you can refer someone to for information or advice. 

I am a frontline responder and someone I know needs help



What is exploitation at work?

This is when another person mistreats you at work. Some examples include:

  • Underpayment 
  • Not being paid at all 
  • Discrimination because of race, religious or political beliefs 
  • Bullying or harassment 
  • Threatening behaviour 
  • Working in an unsafe environment  

If the exploitation is very serious, it might be considered modern slavery. Examples of this include when you: 

  • Are forced to work and are not free to stop working or leave your workplace 
  • Lose your freedom and ability to make your own choices 


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