Supporting Ukrainians in neighbouring countries

Alissa and her two-year-old daughter have found refuge at a Hungarian Red Cross shelter after fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Photo: Corrie Butler/IFRC

“My daughter was just a baby when we fled Kharkiv in the spring. It’s been almost a year and she’s a big girl now,” said Alissa pointing to her nearly two-year-old daughter playing by her side.

“Our journey out of Ukraine last year was long and when I arrived in Hungary, I didn’t know where to go or what to do.” After a harrowing week-long journey to Budapest, she found information from a Red Cross volunteer about ways the organisation could help. “I feel good here at this Red Cross shelter. It’s hard to be away from my family while the war continues and we worry about them every day,” she said.

“With the funds I received from the Red Cross, I bought winter jackets for us as the weather has gotten cold and we didn’t bring winter clothes with us from Ukraine.”

The Hungarian Red Cross, with assistance from IFRC, is providing emergency cash assistance, health services, mental health support, essential items, and shelter for impacted families that have fled to seek safety.

In Hungary, the cash assistance program is helping mothers like Alissa. The assistance empowers those in need, providing dignity and choice.


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