Australian Red Cross contribution

A URCS Rapid Response team rescues people after bombardments in Kyiv in early January 2024. Photo: URCS

Funds from the Australian Red Cross appeal have helped provide emergency relief and longer-term humanitarian support to people and communities affected by the crisis.

These donations have enabled Red Cross and Red Crescent partners to address immediate and longer-term needs in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including to people who are displaced.

These services include:

  • emergency relief assistance, such as the provision of shelter and accommodation, health care, access to clean water and sanitation, and cash payments
  • deploying technical specialists from Australia to support the operation on the ground
  • helping people restore contact with family members separated by the crisis
  • monitoring and evaluation of the activities supported by donor funds.

Deploying specialist aid workers to support the humanitarian response

Responding to requests from Red Cross teams on the ground, Australian Red Cross deployed 19 delegates to support the humanitarian operation. These specialist aid workers bring expertise in key areas such as health, water and sanitation, logistics and protection to Ukraine and surrounding countries.

19 total deployments:

  • 4 delegates deployed to the ICRC operation
  • 15 delegates deployed to the IFRC operation

From Kharkiv to Perth

When the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated, Maryna fled with her two children. Today she has found safety in Australia and is grateful to Australian Red Cross and everyone who helped her.


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