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Temporary homes and essentials

A place to call home

Throughout impacted regions in Türkiye, container cities built by TRCS offer over 79,000 people a safe and comfortable place to call their own.

After losing their house in the earthquake, Mehmet and his fiancé found themselves living in one of these prefabricated homes in the container city of Kahramanmaras.

These temporary homes are designed to be comfortable places for people to heal and recover in dignity. They provide running water, grey water, electricity, and air conditioning as well as areas for recreation, relaxation, and religious activities.

Vitally, there are Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) tents, staffed with psychologists, translators, and psychosocial support staff, helping adults and children at the camp to process their grief, fear, anger, and anxiety.

Mehmet and his fiancé are grateful for the shelter they have received from TRCS. They are now excitedly planning their wedding and looking for a permanent home

Mehmet has been living in a container home provided by Turkish Red Crescent after his house was destroyed in the earthquakes. Photo: Onur Isik Canturk/IFRC

Social markets provide a sense of normalcy

Throughout affected communities in Türkiye, our local teams have set up a number of social markets, a service where people can visit a shop to choose items free of charge.

The market is stocked with items such as clothes, children’s toys, shoes, hygiene kits and cleaning products.

Run by the local TRCS branch with the assistance of volunteers, the social market is very similar to a regular shopping experience at a supermarket, without the cost. It helps to provide a level of normalcy and dignity to those affected by the loss of their homes and employment as it allows families to choose items that are well suited to their needs.

Since the very first day Turkish Red Crescent have been providing meals to people who have lost everything. Photo: Turkish Red Crescent

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