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Sanushka Mudaliar, Director
Sanushka’s own family history of migration underpins her conviction that migration policies are a measure of humanity – and can deeply impact and shape our society. Her career has spanned across Australia, Cambodia, China, Singapore and the U.K, with organisation such as the United Nations, the Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Oxfam Australia, the Association for Women’s Rights in Development, and the Human Rights Council of Australia, with her background and experience on the frontlines of social movements shaping her core belief that migration governance must be informed by the experiences of migrants to be effective. A graduate of the University of Sydney (BA/LLB) and the London School of Economics (MSc International Migration), Sanushka brings decades of knowledge and experience in conducting research, designing policy and creating positive social change to the Global Migration Lab.

Magdalena Arias Cubas, Research Lead
Born in Mexico, and of Chilean descent, Magdalena believes that a world where all migrants can live with safety and dignity can be realised through research and evidence. With a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from the University of Sydney and over a decade of specialisation in migration research in Australia and overseas, she has led research projects with migrants in vulnerable situations across the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific, collaborating with academics, humanitarian practitioners and technical experts. Magdalena’s experience working across cultures, languages and stakeholders has deepened her cultural awareness and competence, and ignited her drive to facilitate the meaningful participation of migrants in research, by elevating migrant voices and placing their stories and experiences at the centre of policy and research.

Nicole Hoagland, Senior Adviser – Global Policy & Engagement
A storyteller with an innate passion for global connection and social justice, Nicole brings externsive knowledge and expertise in international development and forced migration, as well as international human rights and humanitarian law, to the Global Migration Lab. Nicole holds a deep belief in the strength of cultural diversity and the power of the law as agents for change, which led her to pursue work centred on challenging narratives, policies and practices that fail to protect and uphold the humanity of all people, no matter where they are from or what country they choose to call home. In previous roles as senior manager and policy advisor on migration with other international organisations, including the United Nations, Nicole has advocated for the protection of migrants in vulnerable situations across countries in the Middle East and Asia Pacific and facilitated high-level, global negotiations and partnerships between several States on issues of humanitarian concern related to migration.

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