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Be one of the helpers

This year, for the first time since records began, the number of people forced to leave their homes exceeded one million. Whether that’s due to conflict, persecution or disaster, too often they are denied the assistance and protection that ensures their safety, dignity and rights.

We help people made vulnerable by migration.

You’ll find our teams in conflict zones, at the borders and train stations, in the countries people pass through, and in the places they settle. We can be there because of people like you.

It’s your generosity that can give the gift of safety and a welcoming community to thousands of women, men and children. And for people going through other crises – like the impacts of disaster or isolation – you can ensure they, too, have somewhere to turn, 365 days a year.

We are hands-on help

Every year, Red Cross teams help millions of people through the impacts of forced migration. Because, like you, we believe no one should go through crisis alone. From the conflict in Eastern Europe, to the remote communities of our Top End, to the flood-affected towns in the south east and central west, we are there.

365 days a year.

Neutral and impartial.

People helping people, no matter what, to find safety, opportunity, friendship and hands-on help in a crisis.

We can’t do it without you. Your generosity can give people somewhere safe to turn.

Here's what your gift can do:

$50 can help train an emergency volunteer to support people through the trauma of a natural disaster.

$150 can provide daily welfare calls to an isolated older person for three months, helping them to feel safe, connected and valued.
$500 can kick-start a global search for missing family members, separated in the chaos of war, disaster or migration.

Forced to Flee – Olena's Story

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