We believe that no one should have to face a crisis alone.

Because you care enough to give, we can be there

Every day, millions of people face challenges no one should have to endure. But amid the chaos, something powerful is at work that you don’t often see in the headlines.

It is people helping people. This includes Red Cross volunteer Jo Matricardi who helped members of her local community through the devastating floods that inundated the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

“People knew these floods were coming, but the scale of this disaster surprised everyone – me included.”

-Jo Matricardi

Your generosity puts Red Cross on the ground where they’re needed most. Thank you for giving what you can.

Thank you for being one of the helpers.

$50 can give four warm blankets to people who have lost everything.

$150 can help us deliver a door-to-door support service, checking on residents in the aftermath of an emergency.

$500 can kick-start an investigation to find a missing loved one, separated from their family in the chaos of war or conflict.

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