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Disaster Response and Recovery

In an emergency, we all need someone to turn to.

Your donation to the Disaster Response and Recovery Fund powers the work of Red Cross emergency teams.

Whether it’s a bushfire, a flood, a cyclone or any other emergency, we’re here to help. 

And we’re here for everyone – from the survivors to the fire fighters.

That’s why we need you.

Australian Bushfires FY19/20: Last year, an unprecedented $232 million was donated during the bushfires. These donations are hard at work helping people affected by those fires to recover and rebuild.

With a new disaster season underway, our teams are needed again.

How does my donation help?

Donations to the Disaster Response and Recovery fund power the work of Red Cross emergency teams.   

  • Our emergency teams are experts in their field, staff and volunteers alike. Many of them have lived through emergencies themselves.  
  • With disasters increasing in size and frequency, it costs around $4 to $5 million each year to keep our teams in the field. We rely on donations for this work. 
  • Donations to the Disaster Response and Recovery fund enable Red Cross teams to do their work: preparing people for emergencies, providing comfort and care when they happen, and supporting them as they recover afterwards. 

The difference you can make:

  • $60 can help fund our service to reconnect families in disasters

  • $100 can equip five families with a ready-to-go emergency plan

  • $300 can help a Red Cross team set up an evacuation centre

Disaster Response and Recovery

Your donation means Red Cross can be there to help people during disasters and other emergencies in Australia. It enables us to prepare people, provide comfort and care during a disaster or emergency, and support recovery.


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Questions and answers

Donations above $2 are tax-deductible in Australia. You will receive a receipt in your name in an email when you donate online.

Australian Red Cross will not deduct more than 10 per cent of money raised to cover indirect essential costs such as collecting and administrating donations, IT costs and overheads.  

Should the funds raised exceed the cost of our emergency services, the excess will be used to support our everyday work with the most vulnerable people in Australia. 

Thousands of generous people gave in response to the Australian Summer bushfires. Perhaps you were one of them and already know how grateful we are.

Donations to the DRR fund from July 2019 to June 2020  have been supporting our response to the Australian Bushfires 2019/20.  They are helping people affected by those particular fires: as grants that help them cope with financial hardship, repair their homes and re-establish a safe place to live, and through longer-term recovery programs in each community. See your generosity in action.