If this person is experiencing poor work conditions, help is available.

The services below can provide free information and advice to migrants experiencing a workplace issue.

It is important that the individual has provided informed consent before a referral is made. See steps in making a referral.

For free information about workplace rights and entitlements, and to report concerns or get assistance with workplace problems, contact:

Fair Work Ombudsman logo

Fair Work Ombudsman

The Fair Work Ombudsman is an Australian Government agency that regulates Australian workplaces.

Employees can't get into trouble or have their visa cancelled for contacting them to ask for information about their pay or other workplace rights.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has information and resources in over 30 languages on its website to help people understand their workplace rights and obligations in Australia.

Phone 13 13 94

Website www.fairwork.gov.au

Make an anonymous report

If an interpreter is required, call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 13 14 50 and ask to connect to Fair Work on 13 13 94.

For support from a union:

The Australian Unions Support Centre

The Australian Unions Support Centre provides free and confidential assistance and information for all workplace issues. Members of unions can contact their union for support.

Phone 1300 486 466

Email help@actu.org.au or use the online form

Website australianunions.org.au

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