Qld and NSW floods: Red Cross response

Qld and NSW floods
Red Cross response

Updated 19 May 2022

Communities across Queensland and New South Wales need support.

Australian Red Cross has provided support to the communities affected by the floods. This includes psychosocial support at recovery centres and outreach.

The situation in Queensland and New South Wales is ongoing and we will be there to support communities through their long-term recovery.

Red Cross response across Queensland and New South Wales
  • Red Cross emergency response team members and volunteers involved to date: 715
  • Current number of recovery hubs with Red Cross presence: 3
  • Total people assisted: 42,275
  • Register.Find.Reunite: 7,120 registrations, 1,757 inquiries and 98 matches
Red Cross response in Queensland
  • Supported in over 20 evacuation centres, 24 recovery hubs and outreach locations across 13 local government areas
  • Over 249 Red Cross emergency response team members and volunteers in the response in the field
  • Over 18,775 community members assisted
  • Liaison officers attending over 180 local government meetings
  • Register.Find.Reunite received 417 registrations, 98 enquiries and 3 matches
Red Cross response in New South Wales
  • Supported in over 35 evacuation centres and 24 recovery hubs across impacted areas
  • Over 280 Red Cross emergency response team members and volunteers involved in the response in the field
  • Over 23,500 community members assisted
  • Register.Find.Reunite 6,703 registrations, 1,659 enquiries and 95 matches

Cash assistance grants

We are providing cash assistance to help individuals and families affected by the Qld and NSW floods.

$27.2 million was raised and pledged during the Australia Unites Telethon, 100% of which will go to cash assistance.

See how donations are being distributed »

Long-term recovery support

As communities recover from the impact of the floods, Red Cross will be with them every step of the way. Long-term programming in flood-affected areas may include:

  • Psychosocial support activities such as the provision of psychological first aid, group psychosocial support and psychosocial support training.
  • Support for local councils, formal and informal community leaders and groups through provision training, access to information, mentors, and expertise.
  • Working with communities to increase social cohesion and strengthen resilience for future events, in partnership with emergency services agencies, local government, and other community services organisations.
  • Through our involvement in local, regional, and state recovery committees and other forums, Red Cross advocates relation to the humanitarian and psychosocial impacts of this event, increased community representation in the recovery system and improved recovery coordination.
How donations are being distributed
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