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You can stop young people from being held back by poverty, discrimination or past mistakes

More than 2.5 million Australians are living in poverty.

  • Poverty can make it hard for young people to afford the training and qualifications they need find to work – even something as simple as a driver licence.
  • Young people in rural or remote areas, or young people raising kids of their own, can find it especially tough.

Young people are being jailed for minor offences, including unpaid fines.

  • Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are jailed at 19 times the rate of other young people their age.
  • More than 40% of people who leave prison end up back behind bars in two years.
  • If we can address the causes of crime, we’d make our communities safer and help our young people succeed.

Logan's story

Logan’s survived a traumatic childhood and she’s determined not to repeat the mistakes she saw adults make.

Aged 18 and with two little ones of her own, she joined a Red Cross program to help young parents gain the skills and confidence they need. At the time, she was battling an eating disorder as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

A year on, she’s enrolled in a Certificate IV, the first in her family to achieve post-school qualifications. Her children are thriving and she wants them to experience sport and a bed of their own – all the things she was denied as a child.

Her case worker says she’s one of the most loving and caring people she’s ever met.

And Logan can’t speak highly enough of her work with Red Cross. “I’m pretty much set up for life. It changed me, which made me want to change for my kids.”

What does Red Cross do about this problem?

  • We help young people in remote areas with practical things like getting a driver licence or mentoring to help them complete school
  • We help people enter the workforce with job readiness programs and English classes
  • We run camps, drop-in services and cultural programs to help young people feel proud of who they are
  • We support young parents to get the skills they need to raise their children
  • We run mentoring programs for people in prison and people who have left prison, to help them cope and live free from crime

Last year:

  • we helped people get 114 learner licences
  • we helped 415 young parents build confidence and skills
  • we reached hundreds of people in prisons and with sentences through peer support
  • we’re working in 10 remote communities to help young people succeed and be proud

How can you help?

Your regular gift to Red Cross means we can help more young people succeed.

  • Peer support and mentoring
  • River licences, English and job skills classes
  • Parenting support, including accommodation and life skills
  • Cultural camps, boxing and sports program