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10th annual Recognition Ceremony celebrates the achievements of families in the Young Parents Program, 13 December 2019

Every year since 2009 the Young Parents program have held an annual Recognition Ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the young parents who have participated in the program throughout the year. On December 13th the 10th annual Recognition Ceremony was held in Randwick NSW.

The Theme for the year’s celebration was imagine. After spending time with the young parents across Randwick, Western Sydney, Central Coast and Shaolhaven, we were able to recognise that part of why we are at YPP is that we imagine a world that is safe, and without judgement and pain. We imagine a world that is playful, which allows us to be the best versions of ourselves every day, and that it is this person that is noticed and celebrated.

This is an important event for families at YPP. It’s often the first time these young parents have been formally recognised for their achievements or had an opportunity to take a role on stage in front of an audience. The event also recognises the support of volunteers, funders and supporters who make the program possible.

The young parents emcee the proceedings and two parents delivered reflection speeches about their experiences as parents and their time in YPP. This year entertainment was provided by the Sydney Street Choir and certificates of achievements were presented to the young parents by the National Children’s Commissioner, Megan Mitchell. The closing speech was made by the NSW Children’s Guardian Janet Schorer, “Our encouragement for you today is to keep perusing your dreams, make them a reality. It’s a privilege to be here today to acknowledge and recognise everything you have done. And may you continue to peruse those dreams with everything you’ve got.”

SWL is proud to be the largest funder of YPP (outside of government funding) and we are very inspired by the important work of the Red Cross team. This year, SWL has provided $170,000 to support the work of this program.