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Young Parents Program Recognition Ceremony, Sydney - 14 December, 2017

Young parents from the Randwick, Parramatta, Nowra and Gosford programs converged on Claremont College, Randwick, to mark their successes and celebrate another year of support, care and encouragement.

At the December event, NSW State Director Jody Broun represented Australian Red Cross, speaking to every one of the program’s participants and handing them a certificate of personal achievement.

However, it was the inspiring milestones shared with the audience that drew hearty applause. For some it was earning a driver’s licence. For others completing further study and earning a qualification. Some named the tough mental challenge of giving up smoking or the excitement of moving into their own place and juggling budgets, work, study and their young family.

For all, every achievement – big and small – was earned while caring for a young, happy, healthy little one.

Australian Red Cross Society of Women Leaders is an ongoing supporter of the Young Parents Program, and, as spoken by participant Marco Monforte on behalf of he, his partner Amy and son Aaron: “I’d like to thank Australian Red Cross for the opportunity to live independently for the past two years. I want to remind everyone that donations are important to the success of the YPP.”