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Welcome to the New Year celebration, Melbourne - 28 February, 2018

2018 started in style for the Society of Women Leaders with a sunset cruise around Melbourne on board super yacht Vegas. Hosted by Larry Kestelman and Anita Pahor, over 60 guests enjoyed a picturesque tour around the city with wonderful food, drink and company.

Following a welcome speech from Larry, in which he conveyed the importance of SWL to both the Red Cross and to members themselves, Anita introduced some of the current SWL members to guests. After hearing personal stories from members about why they joined the Society of Women Leaders and how much it means to them, Anita went on to outline the importance of SWL as a conduit between the public and private sector. As well as the circle of giving acting as a bridge between the two worlds, Anita also covered the humanitarian importance of this model of giving, reminding guests of the impact that the circle has on the vital projects that SWL support, from young parents in Australia, to women and children in the East Indonesia who are now getting improved access to water and healthcare. This visible impact on hundreds of women and children around the world really highlighted to guests the tangible difference that SWL and its members make.  

As well as enjoying speeches from both Anita and Larry, guests watched new members Natasha Norton and Sarah Goodison receive their bracelets bearing the Red Cross emblem and member pins from friend and fellow member Kate O’Callaghan. Both Kate and Anita spoke about how pleased they were that SWL membership in Melbourne was growing and the shared goal of increasing presence in Melbourne this year, hoping to celebrate at the end of the 2018 with double the members in the city. 

Thank you to Larry and Anita for their generous hospitality and a wonderful evening, and for getting everyone excited for SWL in the year ahead.