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Get on Board: SWL sets sail in Queensland!

Our circle of giving launches on the Gold Coast with a winter in paradise event.

The rains cleared as guests boarded Larry Kestelman and Anita Pahor’s floating holiday home on  the evening of 7 June for the much anticipated launch of SWL in Queensland.

All expectations were surpassed proving that a tribe of beautiful, caring, smart, female philanthropists have been awaiting our arrival so they can ‘get on board’ to be active members of our expanding circle of giving.

Founding Member and SWL Partnership Adviser for Queensland, Danni Murray ensured the launch was an overwhelming success with her creative direction painting a perfect tropical palate for guests to enjoy ‘winter in paradise’.  She filled the boat with 40 people who proved their humanitarian heartbeats when they applauded and honoured Aid Worker and Midwife, Ruth Jebb for her service to humanity in conflict zones. A respectful hush took over the otherwise animated gathering as Ruth shared how SWL funding allows her to provide humanitarian relief in conflict zones where care, love, compassion and the supply of medical treatment are saving lives.

Cheered on by SWL members from Melbourne and Sydney who flew to the Gold Coast for the launch and Queensland Founding Member, Katrina Martin, new member and
Queenslander, Margaret Lister accepted her SWL pin and bracelet both adorned with the red cross emblem with excitement and humility. Her husband wanted to do even more to show his support of his wife’s philanthropy buy purchasing exquisite items for Margaret from event supporter Autore. They, in turn decided to step up their support of our circle of giving, falling in love with our collective impact model and donated 10% of the sale back to SWL to be allocated to Red Cross humanitarian programs via the Member voting.

The last we saw of Margaret, she appeared to be floating on a cloud and Katrina was heard saying ‘I finally have fellow members here in Queensland!’

Several women from the event are joining SWL signing up as members and offering their homes and offices for our events ensuring that the future of SWL in Queensland will be bright!

Congratulations to everyone involved in launching our circle of giving in Queensland. What a privilege it is to bring more women into this unique tribe of powerful and strategic philanthropists. Watch this space!