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SWL end of year celebration, Sydney - 24 November, 2017

Outstanding supporters of Red Cross and generous hosts Larry Kestelman and Anita Pahor welcomed the Australian Red Cross Society of Women Leaders, partners, friends and volunteers on board super yacht Vegas to celebrate another year of friendship and philanthropy as well as a time of renewal. 

Not only did everyone enjoy a majestic sunset cruise around beautiful Sydney Harbour, they reflected on the work that has been put in by many and the good that was achieved as a result. This was highlighted in a video presentation to the group featuring the remarkable Red Cross aid worker, Amanda McClelland. She gave some insight into the work she undertook in Africa during the Ebola Crisis that was made possible by the generosity of SWL and thanked them for their support.
Susan Wynne spoke about the fact that the year was a busy one and much was achieved in supporting various programs of the Red Cross as well as renewing the functioning of the group.  On behalf of the women she gave particular thanks to Members Anta Pahor, Kerry-Anne Johnston, Row McGilvray and Selena Spring and all members and volunteers. She reminded everyone that the ripple effect of doing one good thing can be far more immense than is first realised and pointed out it is truly amazing what can happen when women support women.

Speaking completely off the cuff Anita gave insights of her experience in the not for profit sector. She spoke particularly about witnessing first-hand the work that empowered just one woman and the extraordinary impact that made on this woman as an individual, on her family, her community and eventually even on complete strangers across the world. She reminded the group that what they do together has also set off a ripple effect that has impacted positively on many lives of which they will never know or even hear about. She gave thanks to everyone for being the kind of people that want this impact to exist in the world and for coming together to ensure it can happen.

Kerry-Anne Johnston reminded the group of the importance of the group coming together on different occasions. She explained it was a unique opportunity for likeminded women to share in friendship and philanthropy, to explore, learn and be inspired by the incredible work of the Red Cross and to encourage others to join a remarkable giving circle that intends on supporting many, many more opportunities for the ripple effect to have an impact.