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Migration Support Program end of year celebration - 14 December, 2017

On a bright and sunny afternoon on 14 December, around 170 clients from the Red Cross Migrant Support program gathered for the annual end of year party, supported by the Society of Women Leaders.

The party included a “welcome to the country” for all the clients from Aunty Deb from the Elders program, along with Aunty Stella and Aunty Vicky, followed by a special performance from a young client who sang a beautiful Bollywood song “O re piya re” accompanied by a Red Cross staff member on guitar. This was not only a mesmerizing performance for all those at the party, but for a special guest - the client’s mother who watched the performance on Skype from Bangladesh. Red Cross staff member Sarah Heleyer also displayed her hidden talents by singing some specials songs accompanied by a colleague on the guitar.

As well as the performances, there were lot of activities for the young party guests to enjoy such as face painting, arts and crafts as well as   ‘dinosaur egg breaking’ activity where the children got to act as archaeologists! All the children were really happy with the gifts they received at the end of the party.

After a sumptuous meal and cakes donated by Cheesecake shops, the day came to an end with a dance performance by Red Cross staff members which everyone enjoyed.

For adults and children in the Red Cross Migration Support Program, this end of year celebration provides an environment where migrants and people seeking asylum can come together with their children and Red Cross workers to have some fun, celebrate and take a break from the often stressful situations they find themselves in. Clients of the Red Cross program can connect with Red Cross workers in a non-threatening and warm environment, allowing Red Cross to informally check-in with clients. For SWL, it allows us the opportunity to show love, kindness and humanity to those being supported by Red Cross.