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Mercer Boardroom Series Lunch

Brisbane, 5 September 2019

Words Anita Pahor. Photos: Branka Nedimovic.

Natalie Truong and Anthony Schiavo from Mercer (and Marsh) hosted a beautiful Boardroom Series Lunch (BSL) for our Queensland chapter of SWL on a sunny Spring day. In their stunning Eagle Street offices, dozens of women poured into the elegant room overlooking the Brisbane river. My mind went to the time I was part of the response team for Red Cross after cyclone Yasi and the Brisbane river flooded many parts of the city. I remember being evacuated while working on the response. A much calmer Brisbane greeted me today than back then.

As we gathered for our last BSL for Queensland for 2019, Kerry McGrath and Deb Moyle presented an update of how SWL pooled funds are impacting lives in Port Adelaide, Townsville and Canberra diverting funds under the Justice Reinvestment project and the first aid training program in prisons. We were all inspired by their hard work and the results being achieved.

Newest Qld chapter Member Janelle Bird was presented with her SWL bracelet and pin and we were reminded about the power of the Red Cross emblem and what it means to thousands of people around the world that seek safety and shelter.

We left the lunch convinced that building more prisons is not the answer for our nation.

We thank Mercer for their generosity in sponsoring and hosting two BSL’s this year ensuring that no funds raised by SWL ever get used to cover event costs.