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Melbourne heats up at the annual fireside philanthropy chat

24 July 2019

Words: Cate White. Pics: Mel Fergusson.

The SWL members had the privilege of gathering at the beautiful home of generous Founding Member, Lisa Blundell for this year's Fireside Chat.It was my first time attending this event, and as Anita had promised, it was a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. Anita opened the meeting with our usual acknowledgments and greetings and then proceeded to update us with the latest Society news. There have been so many positive developments with SWL, but none more so than the fabulous news that we have raised $724,000 in the last financial year. I believe that every member in that room had a huge sense of pride, knowing that they were part of a group that has the capacity to raise such a huge amount of funds and thereby the capability to really make a difference in this world. 

Next Anita and I had the chance to share in greater depth the experience that we had on the humanitarian trip to East Indonesia earlier this year. Whilst we have both spoken publicly about this topic, it was lovely in such an informal setting to be able to share more about the feelings that we had surrounding the trip and to talk more deeply about the aspects of the experience that really touched us. I know that all the girls that went on the trip feel so incredibly lucky to have been part of this humanitarian mission, and we wanted to share this with the larger group. To make them feel that this was also their experience, as indeed we all contribute to this group with the same intention - to help people, to serve the Red Cross, to make someone's life a little bit happier, to share the huge fortune that we are blessed with in Australia and in our individual lives. 

The night was not particularly long or indulgent, but it was very special to have the time to just talk and get to know each other better in Lisa’s home. A night to share our stories and talk about common goals. I think we all left with a feeling of absolute joy to be part of this very special group of women. Thank you to Lisa Blundell for hosting us and creating such a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you Anita Pahor for steering so superbly this ship of strong and fabulous women, and making this group one that we are all so passionate about, and so grateful to be a part of.