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Boardroom Series Lunch, Melbourne - 27 April, 2018

As we approach year end, it is with great satisfaction that SWL has been able to report the highest revenue raised in our history.  This has allowed us to increase the number of Australian Red Cross humanitarian projects we support.

However we are not a circle of giving that rests on its laurels or accept only achieving goals. The common denominator that seems to bind the women of SWL together is our united philanthropic ambition to drive forward, to do more, and to manifest our energy into purposeful, healing and powerful change.

It is our need to understand the why, and by asking why, understand how we can expand on our success and learn from our journey.

At the Melbourne Boardroom Lunch, kindly sponsored by NAB Private and hosted by the incredible Kate Galvin, discussions about the future got very real. SWL Chair Anita Pahor was joined on a panel by Wenda Donaldson, Australian Red Cross Director VIC, as well as John McLeod, Consultant for JBWere Philanthropic Services.

The conversation that ensued was fascinating. The analytical observations by the three panellists created a raw, brave and open discussion about the concept of charity, the idea of volunteering, the theory of giving and the future of philanthropy. 

With a unique and bigger picture overview of the statistical development of charitable donations, foundations and practices, the discussion really drove home three essential narratives.  We looked at the very real need of Red Cross in Victoria, to achieve change in understanding of the growing crisis and the unsupported and displaced asylum seekers and refugees affected.  Also discussed were the changing trends in donations and philanthropy.  The power of planned and structured donations and the popular and changing trends in the growth of charities and different types fund raising.  But the most encouraging and exciting development was that our own structure of a giving circle and its approach and direction, is exactly on track. 

Essentially the governance of SWL and the foundations of our structure have proven to be the most results driven approach in the current climate.  The combination of a circle of giving, mixed with our focused approach, the structure of our bulk donations and the recipient being one singular organisation, we discovered through the discussion, is precisely the most results driven direction and was commended by John McLeod.

It is important therefore to stop and recognise our own achievements. Philanthropy is a way of life and transcends the giving of funds, it encompasses a much more important cause.  Embracing the values of philanthropy empowers people to change.  It nurtures new thinking and it changes the course of history.  SWL is a powerful healing force that touches so many lives.  What we learned today was that we are leading the way in our approach and that we have a very real and very exciting opportunity for growth.

Thank you to Kate Galvin and NAB Private for their support of SWL and this informative and inspiring event.