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Annual Members Meeting and Dinner, Sydney 22 November 2018

Thursday 22nd of November marked our Annual Members Meeting where we gather in person each year to vote on the projects we will be supporting this financial year.

Thursday 22nd of November marked our Annual Members Meeting where we gather in person each year to vote on the projects we will be  supporting this financial year. A significant and important day of business and one in which to gather our thoughts and really drive home our purpose. This really is the most important event of the Society of Women Leaders calendar and the very high attendance rate made it very clear that members of SWL take their philanthropy seriously. Clearly the Australian Red Cross feels the same way as evidenced by the attendance and participation of a number of senior executives and humanitarian experts including the CEO herself, Judy Slatyer. As our Chair, Anita Pahor noted in her thank you to Judy for her CEO address at the start of the Annual Members Meeting, “Judy inspires us with her leadership, honours us with her gratitude and challenges us with her bold  vision”. The mutual respect between Judy and her staff and Anita and the SWL cohort is a testament to the strength of our partnership. It’s unique and has impact. 


It was also exciting to see the volume of members in the room and I think we all had a quiet thrill when the Queensland members arrived - so many made the journey despite delayed flights and sandstorms and it was brilliant to see. Of course, us Melbourne Members were very proud to turn up in such large numbers!


Special thanks was given amoung others to Row McGilvery for her ongoing and active participation in all aspects of SWL.  NO surprise that in her ‘spare time’ (joke) she also organised a beautiful evening in Ottos on Woolloomooloo Wharf for us.  We filled the private room now we are so many and the menu, the wine and the location were just perfect - thank you Row. 


A great year of smashed goals created some heart warming and funny thank you’s to our SWL visionary chair Anita Pahor….. and a glass was raised in support and celebration of her elegant wisdom and seemingly endless drive.


So finishing with a toast to Anita, to Susan Wynne, Kate O’Callaghan, Row and to all of us SWL women 


A toast to strong and humanitarian women everywhere


May we know them

May we be them 

May we raise them 




We look forward to hosting the SWL Annual Members Meeting and Dinner in Melbourne in November 2019! 

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