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Paspaley Anniversary event

Melbourne 4th anniversary Celebratory Drinks

In a truly Australian celebration of SWL, our 4th anniversary drinks reception was hosted in the beautifully elegant Paspaley Boutique in Melbourne’s Collins Street.

The evening began with a rousing speech by chair Anita Pahor.  As we approach year end she shared with us the incredible achievements of 2017/18, a record breaking year for SWL.  One in which we have been able to extend our expected reach and support 3 additional  Red Cross initiatives, over and above what we thought we could fund. Her encouraging words spoke of the energy and hope for the year ahead and growth of SWL, as our infectious belief in what we do and more importantly why we do it,  has began to increase our foothold throughout Australia.

For the first time Red Cross president Ross Pinney joined as our speaker, honouring the SWL for their continued support.  Giving a deeper insight into the internal direction and workings of the Australian Red Cross, his candid and open conversation touched on the many challenges facing the organisation in today’s  changing world.  He spoke with transparency of those challenges and talked of modernisation and the implementation of an internal ethical framework, to continuously improve the reach of the Australian Red Cross.  His talk was a deeper more broader outline of the organisation we proudly support.   In a very respectful touching way, it was almost like he was reporting to the SWL  all that was happening internally to reassure us that our work, our financial support was being maximised to its full potential. His quote “Thank you for standing up for the Red Cross, you are a key part” was deeply felt by all in attendance.

It was not a coincidence that the event was held in the wondrous decadence and elegance of Paspaley.  On a continues loop on the stores flat screen,  the history of the Paspaley company was shown -  breathtaking imagery of Australia and all who worked on the pearl farms.   In these difficult days for Red Cross dealing with refugees and government law changes in respect to  immigration, it was not lost on anyone the story of the Paspaley family.  A story that epitomises the positive journey of a migrant family, who now own the only Australian luxury brand that grew with a respect and understanding of country.  There are many wondrous female quotes about pearls but I thought this one by Californian artist Margot Datz was appropriate for our united sisterhood.  Here’s to 2018/2019.

“Each pearl is a jewel of wisdom, wrestled from struggle and strung in sequence to create infinite insight and compassion for the mermaid who wears them.  The older the mermaid, the more pearls.”