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Emergency Disaster Fund

Whenever an emergency strikes, your support means Red Cross will be there

Help us to support people around the world, and here at home, through an emergency, disaster or trauma. We have decades of experience in caring for people affected by earthquakes, cyclones, floods, storms, fire, drought and other emergencies.

Your donation has an immediate impact for the people we help:

  • Our specialist staff, aid workers and volunteers can be ready to deploy as soon as there’s a disaster
  • Communities in disaster-prone areas will be made ready and better able to prepare for an emergency
  • With our local, on the ground knowledge, hard to reach communities, families and people will not be forgotten in the emergency response and through their recovery
  • Stocks of critical disaster response equipment, like cooking, hygiene and shelter kits, will be amassed and moved to regions we forecast are likely to experience an emergency

Help communities recover.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

Your donation means we can be there as soon as an emergency strikes in Australia and further afield. With your support we can help communities to prepare, respond and recover from disasters.


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How else you can help

Can I volunteer for disaster relief work? 

Australian Red Cross is not calling for additional volunteers at this time. If we identify a specific need for more volunteers we will make a public call.

Australian Red Cross recruits and trains volunteers for emergency situations just like this one. These volunteers have been mobilised and are currently assisting in the Red Cross response. 

If you want to get involved in future Red Cross emergency responses, please visit the 'Become a volunteer' and complete the online registration form.

Can I donate goods? 

Red Cross understands people may have a strong desire to donate items. While this generosity is appreciated, our experience with emergency recovery has shown that affected communities recover sooner when they can make their own choices. This includes choosing and purchasing goods to help put their lives back together again rather than being given goods.

Another benefit of allowing those affected to choose their own purchases is that money is being put back into the community to stimulate local businesses, an important part of the local economic recovery.

Red Cross is unable to accept offers of goods such as food and second hand clothes; however, we appreciate and accept donations of clothing through our retail store network to support the broader everyday work of Red Cross. To find out what the needs are across Australia, contact your local Red Cross Shop.