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Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples from across Red Cross share their voices, cultures and communities.

In honouring this year’s NAIDOC theme of Voice, Treaty, Truth, Red Cross is amplifying the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, members and volunteers.  We will learn more about their countries, cultures and communities.  How they walk in two worlds as unique humanitarians, bringing significant and lasting change in the communities they work alongside.

Meet some of our deadly colleagues...


Minya Bayles

Minya's children

My name is Minya Mundayah (Little Raincloud) Bayles. My people are the Dunghutti (Kempsey, NSW Mid-North Coast) Gungalu and BirriGubba (Central Queensland) people. I was born and raised in Redfern and moved to my mother’s country, Kempsey, when I was a teenager, I now live in Brisbane with my 3 children.

I am passionate about raising my children to be proud of who they are and where they come from. Being raised by a deadly, proud family who imbedded culture in the very foundation of our identity, we were taught from a young age about the importance of sharing, caring, honour, integrity, principles and pride. As my grandmother would say “through your actions today, will you be an honourable ancestor to the children of the future?” and that is what I strive to be.

Jenny Brown

Jenny visiting New York

Walawaani - my name is Jenny Brown, a Koori from NSW, proud Wandi Wandian woman of the Yuin nation with ancestral connections to Dunghutti. 

I am a salt water person, my tribal totem is the black cockatoo and black duck of the Yuin nation.  I have extended family connections from La Perouse, Sydney to the Victorian border, the Pittman-Stewart and Brown–Page families.

I model my leadership style on the wisdom handed down by my ancestors through many generations as I strive for a better future for younger generations.

I love travelling and learning about the many different cultures across the world.

John Fitz Jakamarra

John represented the NT and QLD in Baseball

My name is John Fitz Jakamarra. I am a traditional owner of the Patta people, Warumungu Nation of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory.

I have been happily married for 39yrs with 3 sons and lived in Brisbane for 28yrs prior to returning to Tennant Creek in 2013.

I have a love of sports especially Baseball & Basketball, hence the photo. I represented both Northern Territory & Queensland in baseball during the 70s & 80s. I always encourage my Apurtus (grandchildren) and other kids to play sports to keep fit and healthy as chronic disease is on the rise in our community.

Through my work in Tennant Creek I want to make a difference for my people, however little as “from little things big things grow”.

Max Jetta

Image of ‘Sharks Mouth’ in Balardong Country.

My name is Maxwell Jetta, I am a young Noongar Man from the Wardandi area. My family are the Jetta, Humphries, Wallam and Little mob.

My aim is to change the future of Australia for the better and to become together as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, to support each other and work together to reach the limits and success as one. “Teamwork makes the Dream work”

Andrea Lee

My name is Andrea Lee I am proud to be part of a large Chinese, Aboriginal, Japanese, German multicultural family spread across Australia who contributed to North Australia’s diverse history.

My Aboriginal lineage is the Karajarri Peoples, south of Broome WA. My family is where my place is.

Learning and sharing our true history, knowledge and stories will help our healing and wellbeing. Respect and value people so we can find ways to be more creative and work together.

Kevin Leeder

My name is Kevin Leeder, I belong to the Palawa People originating from Strahan in the Macquarie Habour area of Tasmania. I also have connections with the Yorta Yorta and the Wathawurrung.

My totem is Tarner (the Kangaroo)

I am about Aboriginal Australia and non-Indigenous Australia finally connecting with respect and empathy through listening, learning and working together to ensure the survival of my culture, songs, dances, traditions and languages. My strength and guidance to do this comes from my family, ancestors, Elders and community to ensure Aboriginality in all its beautiful forms survives into the future for generations to come.

Natalie Little

My Name is Natalie Little and I am a proud Noongar woman from the southwest of WA with family connections to the the Ballardong and Gnaala Karla Booja and also the Yamitji Country with Connection to the Badimia People of the Murchison Region of WA .

I am happy that our stories are being told and people are listening and want to learn more about our beautiful culture.

Colin Winch

My Name is Colin Winch, I’ am a proud Wiradjuri Male, I was born in Wollongong but my family have direct links to Euabalong, Griffith (Gibsons) and have links to Ngunawal (Wedges) and Gundungurra (Russells) Nation.

“I live by our LORE – Land, Origin, Respect, Elders which gives me my dignity and integrity”.

Lineesha Johnson

My name is Dhurawine (brown snake) Deroine (Wild custard apple) Bunda (Jewfish) Moonie (woman) Lineesha Johnson”

I belong to the Gooreng Gooreng Nation of Yallarm (Gladstone, QLD) my totem is a Nyarla (Frogmouth Owl). I also share connections with Butchulla, Kalkadoon, Darnley and Tanna Island

I’m about change for the better, acknowledging the wrongs that have happened to my family and creating a space for my own growth, spiritually, mentally & physically. Optimism, compassion, love and empathy are what guide me.

Water blessing

Traditional owners welcome newly-arrived migrants to country in a deeply moving ceremony.

Red Cross NAIDOC Awards 2019

Honouring outstanding First Nations women and men around the country.

Because of her we can

Red Cross people introduce the important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in their lives.