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Ways of working

We strongly believe that how we work is as important as what we do.

How we work

We strongly believe that how we work is as important as what we do.
We’ll be putting humanity into action with the following Ways of Working.

Mary Edwards (right) volunteers at Red Cross to help staff with administration work. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a young child and not able to walk, Mary loves coming into Red Cross every Friday to help out and meet other people. Staff member Christina Galanis (left) says Mary brings a spark to the room. Australian Red Cross/Morné de Klerk

Valuing voluntary service
✓ We can’t do our work without our volunteers, who are the lifeblood of our work and communities.

Promoting diversity and inclusion
✓ We are committed to challenging discrimination.

Advocating on social and humanitarian issues
✓ We raise awareness with policy makers and the public on things that matter.

Building on strengths
✓ We build on every person’s inherent strengths and work to empower individuals and communities to make their voices heard, and to better control their own lives and environments.

Focusing on prevention and early intervention
✓ We work with people to identify, prevent and break cycles of disadvantage and to build resilience.

Collaborating with partners
✓ We work in collaboration with partners at all levels to make positive changes.

Applying community development approaches
✓ We support communities to create their own solutions to encourage stronger and more sustainable neighbourhoods and communities.

Acting on evidence
✓ We draw on evidence to inform our decisions and innovations.

Engaging young people
✓ Young people are teaching us new things as they take humanitarian action in their communities and we are acutely aware of how crucial their leadership is for the future of our organisation.

Australian young humanitarians Pearl Li, Julia Goodall and Jason Pemberton are all ears at the Red Cross Red Crescent Global Youth Conference, building skills on advocacy and transforming institutional culture. Australian Red Cross/Louise M Cooper

Applying a gender perspective to our work
✓ We consider gender equity in all areas of the organisation and in our engagement with individuals, families and communities.

Contributing to environmental sustainability
✓ We seek to minimise our environmental footprint and ensure that our actions contribute to environmental sustainability.

Committing to accountability and transparency
✓ We hold ourselves accountable to those we seek to assist and those from whom we accept support, including funds. Our work with beneficiaries and donors reflects an attitude of openness and transparency.