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Progress update June 2017

See what progress we’ve made in the four months since March and check out what's coming next.

See our strategic priorities for the next 12 months on this poster.

Goal 1

Build an inclusive, diverse and active humanitarian movement based on voluntary service.

2.5 million people, reflecting the diversity of our community, take voluntary humanitarian action with us to help others

Making volunteering easy – trialling a ‘four-step’ process; due for launch in July

Volunteer hub set up in Adelaide, hubs in all states and territories through FY18

‘What Futures’ pilot - 500 people under 30 in five countries on the future of Red Cross; going global in July

International volunteering initiative developed; pilot commencing July

Thousands of volunteers and members collectively dedicated thousands of hours to supporting others

50% (of 2.5 million) are self-organising and leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and evidence to advocate for and help others

Unleashing Australians to take humanitarian action with their neighbours, friends and families. Framework developed and ready to test, iterate and scale by July 2017

Australians trust and respect Australian Red Cross

The Trust initiative - greater data security for our most sensitive information – launched, with full roll-out during FY18

Goal 2

Save lives, build resilient communities and support people in disasters.

3 million Australians are equipped to be prepared for and recover from disasters

Launched our 10-year partnership with IAG on community readiness for emergencies

Delivered the pillowcase project in 93 schools and reached 5,081 students across all states and territories

23,197 people have been trained in first aid

Jaguar Land Rover has agreed to partner with us to achieve this outcome, including providing $600,000 over three years

Digital RediPlan to help Australians prepare for disasters – under development, ready to pilot in September

There has been a four-fold national increase in investment (government, corporate, other) in disaster risk reduction and community resilience

Increase in federal funding for the National Partnership on Natural Disaster Resilience, up by approximately 26% to $63 million in FY18

Key partners in 14 Asia-Pacific countries can demonstrate increased capacity to support communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises

Australian Red Cross-Federation Cooperation Framework signed - strengthening our combined approach in the Asia-Pacific

Review of the Red Cross response to the Nepal earthquakes - developed the approach; underway soon

Prototype developed to support the procurement of local supplies to emergency response in the Pacific, with a soft launch in July

Australian Red Cross is responding to disasters and other significant emergencies 100% of the time

Cyclone Debbie - supporting 26,160 impacted people with the support of 2,489 Red Cross people in QLD and NSW

$500,000 disaster revolving fund established for domestic and international disasters so that we can respond faster

East Africa Food Crisis Appeal launched, and supporting Somalia, South Sudan and Kenya; just over $1 million raised

Goal 3

Prevent and alleviate human suffering in times of war and conflict and promote non violence and peace.

Australian attitudes and behaviours strongly reflect humanitarian values

Survey has been established to continue tracking humanitarian attitudes and behaviours in 2018 and beyond

100% of Australian organisations working in conflict zones have implemented an IHL action plan

Risk exposure assessment for Australian businesses working in conflict zones is near completion

Global Reporting Index Standards Board – progressing how International Humanitarian Law obligations might be built into ethics and sustainability for all Australian companies

We have contributed directly to the Movement’s increased impact in migration, disaster risk reduction, ensuring respect for IHL, the elimination of nuclear weapons and health care in danger

First IFRC Global Migration Strategy launched - substantial contribution by us

Played a leading role in the Movement’s International Conference in Nagasaki on the elimination of nuclear weapons

Launched our cultural heritage advocacy exhibition, Culture Under Attack

Appointed a new co-chair to the Asia Pacific Migration Network, the Secretary General of Maldivian Red Crescent, and expanded membership to 35 National Societies

Goal 4

Improve the wellbeing of those experiencing extreme vulnerability.

Our 'bedrock' of work across Australia continues everyday, with people helping people to make a real difference in people’s lives - through thousands of practical contacts and conversations, from Burnie to Tiwi, Coogee to Bunbury, Broome to Mt Gambier.

500,000 Australians are connected to and supported by the community to overcome their deep social exclusion

Worked with more than 100 people, including those with lived experience of mental health, to develop eight compelling & practical initiatives to alleviate deep social exclusion; development phase starts July.

Agreement to extend our support services for older Australians to 2020, including Telecross, social support, transport, meals, alarms and assistance with care and housing.

Agreement to ensure continuing care during transition to NDIS.

The wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has improved by 20%

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leadership team developed the strategy to achieve this outcome; ready to start implementation.

Our commitment to reconciliation was recognised during National Reconciliation Week. We are tracking well in relation to our second Reconciliation Action Plan with YTD 63% of actions ongoing and on track, 22% of actions complete, 9% show mixed results and 6% too early to report against.

Migrants in transition have their humanitarian needs met and are participating in and included in Australian society

$1 million additional funding to increase support to people who are at risk of being caught up in trafficking and forced marriage.

Provided an additional $200,000 in emergency relief to support vulnerable migrants in transition and assisted 4,600 people through the emergency relief program.

We searched and found relatives for families from Hungary, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Germany, Myanmar, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Croatia.

There has been a 50% improvement in community determined indicators in up to 20 of the most vulnerable communities in Australia

Community determined indicators finalised by seven vulnerable communities; remaining three communities to finish theirs by August

Australian governments are directing into justice reinvestment at least 50% of savings delivered by a 10% reduction in Australian prison numbers

In QLD and NSW correctional centres, pilots of the community-based health first aid model, where prisoners become Red Cross volunteers, are about to commence after significant preparation work

New initiative to support more than 400 people in prison on remand in NSW

Goal 5

Maintain a strong, innovative, sustainable and accountable organisation capable of achieving our humanitarian goals.

All Red Cross people are empowered, engaged, accountable and acknowledged for their contribution to our humanitarian goals

Closed our North Ryde ICT station; now in Amazon’s cloud

Thousands of courses for individual development; ready to launch from July

Leadership development programs - ‘Leading First’ and ‘Thrive’ developed; roll-out starting soon

Website upgrade underway; launch in September

50 services + 300 users using client care management system - from Tiwi Islands to Hobart, with migration support programs on board in three months

80 cents in every dollar raised is going directly to humanitarian outcomes and impacts

We are financially healthy and tracking well to deliver a surplus = more funds for our humanitarian work in FY18

Implemented $6 million in savings in FY17 = more funds for our humanitarian work in FY18

We have established a set of efficiency measures against which we will benchmark our cost effectiveness

There are diversified multi-year funding streams in place with no single funding source exceeding 50%

Close to 8,000 people raised funds for Red Cross Calling in March (up 200%); 28% increase in funds raised

Launched our first peer-to-peer fundraising platform; ‘Australia Answers Challenge’

'Bring More Good to our World' campaign

New digital fundraising initiative ‘crisis response crew’; soft launch July

Through an annual report, we have been transparent with the public each year about what we have achieved, where we have failed and the impact we have delivered

Being clear about the results we achieve and the impact of our work - significant work to develop and agree the measures we will use to assess our overall performance; due to be completed by end August