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The road so far

Progress update February 2015 – August 2016

February 2015

Strategy 2020 is endorsed after an extensive consultation process with Red Cross people, clients and supporters. We begin to wrap up Strategy 2015, our organisational plan in place since 2010.

July 2015

Strategy 2020 comes into effect and Red Cross embraces five new goals – our roadmap for the future.

February 2016

Judy Slatyer commences as our new CEO and begins discussions with the national leadership team to refresh the strategy and set additional targets.

July 2016

A series of 22 targeted outcomes are introduced into our five-year strategy, along with a sixth goal focusing on the work of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service*. Measurable targets include seeing 2.5 million people take voluntary action with Red Cross, supporting 500,000 people to overcome their deep social exclusion, and equipping 3 million Australians to be prepared for and recover from disasters.

One of our aims under Strategy 2020 is to welcome more volunteers from diverse backgrounds, like Jesus, who volunteers at our Red Cross Shops. Photo: Australian Red Cross/Lara Cole

An online forum, Ideas 2020, is launched for Red Cross people to share brave and innovative ideas for achieving our goals. CEO Judy Slatyer holds a webinar with our volunteers and members to answer questions and hear their thoughts on the best way forward. More than 1000 staff, members and volunteers join the inaugural Ideas 2020 online forum and offer their ideas for our future. Nine winning ideas are announced across two award categories – a People’s Choice Award and a Most Promising Ideas Award as selected by Red Cross’ management team. Ideas winners work with Red Cross to evolve and refine their ideas further for implementation.

October 2016

In four towns across the country, Red Cross trials a new approach to local community action – providing Red Cross people with the freedom to self-organise and do what’s most needed in their communities. In Whyalla (SA), Burnie (TAS), Bendigo (VIC) and Kawana (QLD), we will work in partnership with locals to determine what their biggest needs are, how to deliver on these needs, and how to measure our impact.
November 2016

In South Australia, Red Cross reports back to Aboriginal community leaders in Ceduna - the most heavily incarcerated community in the state - on the results of an extensive community engagement initiative to understand the causes of crime and key drivers for change. This work forms the basis of developing a community-led approach to improving safety and reducing crime. In Strategy 2020, Red Cross wants to see a 10% reduction in prison numbers with at least half of the savings diverted to justice reinvestment; an approach which sees money invested in solving community problems that lead to crime in the first place.

*The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is managed separately to our Humanitarian Services division. While we include one goal and three outcomes relating to the Blood Service in our Strategy 2020, the Blood Service also has its own organisational strategy, At the leading edge, which you can view on their website.