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Zeki - Serbia

Dad-of-four Zeki built a gym in the woods to help fellow migrants stay healthy in their stressful situation.

The forest gym, next to a migration reception centre, has a punching bag made from discarded clothes, cement blocks that stand in for dumbbells and heavy branches for push-ups and pull-ups.

"You don’t know about your future, you miss people from your home country, you are just waiting all the time,” he says. “It’s important for us to be healthy. Exercising helps me to release tensions and feel better.”

Zeki and his family fled their home because they weren’t safe. It’s been a life-threatening journey but he hopes to find safety in a society where all of his children can get an education. “I have girls and it was very difficult for me to think that they couldn’t go to school. I want to build a life for us in a society where children, women, all people are respected.”

In Serbia Red Cross provides humanitarian assistance to migrants across the country. Meet more of the people featured in our Stories of Life series.