Yorely - Peru

“I could not eat, but the day I did not get any food or medicine for my daughter, I decided to leave."

Yorely and her year-old daughter, who has anemia, spent six days travelling from Columbia to Peru, where her husband had migrated a few months earlier. She’s one of the many mums who travel the route alone with their children in their arms.

As she waits at a health centre to find out about treatment options her daughter, Yorely says the mothers help each other to take care of the babies and suitcases. "Now it’s my turn to go to the Red Cross, when I finish the consultation I must return to continue taking care of the bags of the whole group," she says.

“I’m waiting for an appointment with the doctor, imagine how many people cannot do that, I have to be grateful for what little I have and for the people who have helped me throughout the journey, without them I could not be in Peru.”

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