Teresita - Philippines

“My house was hit by falling coconut trees. We didn’t evacuate because we weren’t expecting the typhoon to be that strong."

“When the storm got stronger, it was too late because trees were blocking the way.” Typhoon Mangkhut caused massive floods and landslides and storm surges in the Philippines.

Right now, Teresita’s immediate concern is food. “We just don’t have food. And because the harvest is ruined, we aren’t earning anything to buy food with.” Even in a good year, finances are tight, now the typhoon has put her whole household finances at risk. But she is trying to look on the bright side.

“I’m stressed but I’m not losing it.” Philippine Red Cross has been distributing hygiene kits, emergency shelter kits, and corrugated iron sheets to hundreds of families whose homes were damaged.

Photo: Philippine Red Cross/Patrick Mongaya. Meet more of the people featured in our [***LINK***]Stories of Life series.

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