Sofi - Bangladesh

“I want to be a teacher when I grow up because I want to give education to kids and communities who don’t have it."

This eight-year-old personifies hope in a place where it can feel hard to come by. He walks confidently through the winding hillsides of the Cox’s Bazar camp for displaced families – high-fiving friends and dodging auto-rickshaws on the muddy, slippery streets.

Migrants like Sofi don’t have access to formal education, but he has chosen to attend daily English classes at a nearby learning centre. “I love to play soccer and I love to learn.”

Red Cross teams from around the world work in the camps providing humanitarian assistance. Sofi doesn’t know the name, “Red Cross Red Crescent”, but he recognises the symbols. He says the kids in the camp call these emblems as they see it “Moon and Star.”

Photo: American Red Cross/Brad Zerivitz. Meet more of the people featured in our [***LINK***]Stories of Life series

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