Rosa - South Sudan

This is the first time Emmanuel has been able to hug his mum in a year and half.

Rosa will never forget the night Emmanuel, who was just four-years-old, was stolen.

“We heard a neighbour crying ‘My children, my children…’ then out of nowhere someone came and started beating my husband. Emmanuel was there, he cried and said ‘baba, baba’… when the guy saw the child, he grabbed him and ran away."

Emmanuel was abducted with many other children from the same village. “I remember when I used to return home, Emmanuel always used to greet me. He used to say, ‘Mama is here’. Since he went missing, no one has done this.”

All over the world, we help reconnect families who are separated by war, conflict, disaster and migration.

Photo: CC BY-NC-ND/ICRC/Mari Aftret Mortvedt. Meet more of the people featured in our [***LINK***]Stories of Life series.

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