Romm - Western Australia

“Neither of us were working. The house was trashed. A friend of ours took stock of our situation and organised a roster of people to volunteer to cook for us.”

Romm and his wife have a very young son with severe health difficulties. “For the first two months of his life we lived in the hospital.

"Every three or four days we had people turning up at our door with home cooked meals. I’m talking pulled pork, roast pork. About 20 different types of lasagne. Some people brought three course meals. We didn’t expect it and when we found out, we bawled our eyes out for about an hour.”

Romm, one of our volunteers in Western Australia, knows the true value of community and belonging. “I think about other people who don’t have the support that we do ... We’ve had a lot of goodness given our way and I’d like to give back.”

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